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Dual Essence Body Oil, a unique texture-changing treatment oil.

Korinna Howie, video creator and influencer says she loves the texture of the oil. "I love the silkiness of this unique massage oil, which absorbs into the skin, leaving you ready to dress straight after use"

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Dual Essence Body Oil 100mL, £48

Our unique combination of botanical ingredients brings moisture and suppleness to the skin. Contains seven different plant-derived oils including sugarcane-derived squalene, evening primrose oil and sweet almond oil.

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Elevate Your Senses - Relax and Refresh with Natural Botanical Essential Oils

Soothing woody notes of cedarwood and vetiver combine with lively juniper berry and zingy grapefruit. Relaxing and refreshing in equal measure, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for an exciting new day.

Non-sticky and glides easily over dry skin, providing perfect ‘slip’ for the hands, facilitating a massage.

As the lightweight oil changes into a heavier texture, it allows your fingers to increase pressure on your muscles, aiding an effective & comfortable massage. Leaving no stickiness, you can get dressed immediately afterwards.

How to Use

Learn Athletia's easy-to-replicate massage to help soothe fatigue in legs and arms. It can be done before bed to enhance your relaxation before sleep, or before leaving the house as refreshing warm-up massage.

About Athletia

Effective, Natural & Sustainable Skincare

High performance skincare which uses science to harness the botanical power of essential oils to benefit body and mind.

Athletia's regular regime supports energetic skin by promoting skin turnover and collagen creation to maintain skin stability.

Skin feels smoother and looks more supple.