Scalp treatment

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Elevate your hair care routine to an aroma-filled head spa experience

Scalp & Hair Care Series

Experience 'Deep Breathing’ in Hair Care

At Athletia, we see hair care as integral to holistic self-care, going beyond hair concerns or styling. That's why we focus on ‘deep breathing’ — helping you transition into a relaxed state of mind. 

Immerse yourself in our Scalp & Hair Care series infused with invigorating scents derived from natural botanical essential oils like Ginger, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Cedarwood, and elevate your hair care routine into an aroma-filled head spa experience.

Healthy Scalp, Radiant Hair

A healthy scalp is your hair's secret weapon — Scientific evidence affirms that better blood flow in the scalp results in thicker, healthier hair. Unleash your hair's full potential by nurturing a healthier scalp.

Proven benefits of massaging the scalp:

  • Enhanced scalp blood circulation
  • Improved hair elasticity and thickened cuticle
  • Boosted hair density

Athletia Scalp & Head Massage