Dual Essence Body Oil

Dual Essence Body Oil

Dual Essence Body Oil 100mL, £48

A plant-based body treatment oil that boosts circulation, featuring a unique dual-layer texture-changing formula perfect for soothing massages, leaving a smooth, non-greasy finish.

  • Oil Layer: Enriched with sugar cane-derived squalane and a blend of seven plant-derived oils for effortless application and lasting moisture
  • Water Layer: Infused with Athletia's exclusive Energetic Complex, lemon fruit extract, and a selection of natural plant-derived ingredients to deeply hydrate and refresh the skin.

Natural Origin Index (ISO16128) 98%

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Elevate Your Senses - Relax and Refresh with Natural Botanical Essential Oils

Soothing woody notes of cedarwood and vetiver combine with lively juniper berry and zingy grapefruit. Relaxing and refreshing in equal measure, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for an exciting new day.

Formula Designed for Massage

Featuring a perfected 3:7 Oil-to-Water ratio, this formula spreads effortlessly even over dry skin, then adapts to offer a richer texture, enabling deeper pressure application during the massage. Post-massage, skin feels refreshingly smooth and revitalised — sans any oily residue.

Massage Method

Discover Athletia's simple massage techniques to alleviate fatigue in your legs and arms. Ideal for winding down before sleep or as an invigorating warm-up before stepping out, this routine enhances relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Dual Essence Body Oil Special Offer

Receive a complimentary Core Balance Toning Mask with your Dual Essence Body Oil purchase.
Indulge in facial pampering with a luxurious sheet mask while nurturing your body in self-care bliss.

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Unlock the Power of Natural Botanical Essential Oils with Athletia's High-Performance Skincare. 

Our scientifically formulated regimen enhances skin vitality by stimulating turnover and boosting collagen production, ensuring firm and balanced skin. 

Experience a transformation to smoother, more supple skin that radiates health.

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