Smooth Body Milk

Smooth Body Milk

Experience a super-sensorial texture

Envelop your skin in moisturising bliss, featuring fragrances inspired by nature. Enhanced with low-molecular sodium hyaluronate and nourishing plant-derived oils, it leaves your skin soft and smooth—a luxurious, light feel perfect for uplifting your mood in the morning or relaxing as you wind down at night.

The Scents

  1. Gentle Rose: luxurious floral rose scent mixed with a woody and serene cedarwood.
  2. Feel At Ease: tranquil and comforting woody herbal scent mixed with cedarwood and geranium.
  3. Early Afternoon: warming citrus floral scent mixed with dazzling orange, neroli, jasmine and cedarwood.
  4. Ginger Latte: comforting fragrance of spicy ginger, sweet clove and juicy orange.

Eco-friendly packaging

The bottle is made from biomass plastic, derived from biological material such as sugarcane. As C02 is absorbed during the growing phase, the C02 emissions, when incinerated as waste, can be deemed zero. What’s more, the product’s label has now been removed - making it label-less further reduces its environmental impact.


Pick your favorite from four enchanting fragrances

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