Refreshing Shampoo Balm

Refreshing Shampoo Balm

2-in-1 Hair Care, Reinvented

Introducing the innovative, high-performance multi-function Shampoo Balm.
Revel in the refreshing texture, enjoy the cooling sensation, and delight in the smooth finish.
The ultimate quick, tangle-free shampoo and intensive treatment in one.

Transform your hair care routine

This unprecedented 2-in-1 formula combines shampoo and treatment in one step. Its foam-free design not only helps to conserve water but also ensures a smooth texture for friction-free scalp massages, promoting scalp health and overall hair wellness.

Ideal for those who prioritise both environmental sustainability and personal care, it offers an effective, efficient, and eco-friendly hair care solution.

The Formula

  • A rich, foam-free formula that glides effortlessly onto your hair and scalp. 
  • Effectively captures sweat and sebum, providing a gentle yet thorough cleanse. 
  • Your hair and scalp are restored to a clean and healthy state.

  • Enriched with naturally derived moisturising ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, and plant-based oils.
  • Envelops your hair and scalp like a mask, delivering a deeply satisfying conditioned finish. 
  • Leaves hair revitalised and tangle-free.

The Scent

  • Revitalising blend of lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and menthol. 
  • The unique combination of essential oils delivers a cooling, invigorating sensation.
  • Rejuvenates both your hair and senses, offering a truly refreshing experience.

A Next-Level Finish

Experience a smoothness that defies the rush of a conventional quick 2-in-1 wash, rather akin to a deep treatment.

Ideal for post-workout sessions, summer days, and any sweaty situations, but it is also recommended as a special weekly intensive treatment to maintain a healthy scalp and radiant hair.

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