Experience ATHLETIA Scalp Care for £1 only

Transform your daily hair wash to an aroma-filled head spa experience with our range dedicated to loving both scalp and hair.

This free sample duo set (with £1 shipping fee) contains a sachet of SCALP CARE SHAMPOO and SCALP & HAIR TREATMENT.

Enjoy the 100% natural aroma from botanical essential oils that turns your bathroom into a retreat spa, luxurious textures allow you to massage the scalp to revitalise it and your hair at the same time.

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Scalp Care Shampoo 8ml

Liberating your senses with its luxurious aroma from botanical essential oils, this sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo gently cleanses for a healthy, refreshed scalp.

Scalp & Hair Treatment 8g

With an enveloping aroma that turns your bathroom into a retreat spa, this treatment is infused with botanical extracts for healthy scalp and hair. Try it with a quick scalp massage routine.