Core Balance Oil

New Year, New Hydration

Core Balance Oil - Answer to Dry Skin

Core Balance Oil

Embrace a new skin journey in 2024 with Core Balance Oil, an award winning dual-layered face oil that goes beyond hydration for dry skin. Nourish your skin with botanical goodness, let it drink in the moisture, and bask in the natural glow this oil brings to your complexion.

Dual-Layered Hydration

Core Balance Oil features a dual-layered, warm-up skincare oil with a unique 6:4 oil-to-water ratio. The oil layer, enriched with ten botanical oils, including plant seed oil, moisturises and nourishes the skin. The water layer, infused with ATHLETIA Energetic Complex, adds a balancing touch, preparing the skin for the next phase of your skincare routine.

Multi-Care Effects

This two-phase formulation is more than just a moisturiser; it's a multi-care solution. The botanical oils, rich in omega-3 and 6, work in harmony with our signature proprietary ATHLETIA Energetic Complex to moisturise, smooth, and firm the skin. The 6:4 ratio creates an optimal texture for massage, promoting softness and plumpness, while enhancing the efficacy of subsequent skincare steps.

Relaxing Reset with Aroma

Beyond skincare, Core Balance Oil offers a sensory experience with its comforting cedarwood and geranium scent, reminiscent of a lush forest. This subtle, deep aroma not only relaxes the mind but also enhances your morning and evening skincare routines. Whether it's a revitalising start to your day or a soothing conclusion to a busy day, let the calming fragrance of Core Balance Oil cocoon your senses, providing a moment of tranquility and promoting a relaxing reset for your skin and mind.

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