Core Balance Oil

Winter Wellness

Nourish Your Body, Embrace Self-Care

Elevate your winter self-care with our Dual Essence Body Oil and Aroma Wrapping Body Cream. Experience the sensorial delight of a plant-based oil and the luxurious hydration of our aromatic cream. Nourish your body with the ultimate winter wellness ritual.

Dual Essence Body Oil 100mL, £48

A plant-based body treatment oil with a unique texture-changing formula ideal for soothing massages while providing a smooth, grease-free finish afterwards.

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Aroma Wrapping Body Cream Gentle Rose 160g, £45

Envelops you in luxurious moisture and fragrance of rose and cedarwood. This body cream has an exquisitely rich texture that blends and absorbs beautifully, making it a pleasure to use.

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Aroma Wrapping Body Cream Ginger Latte 160g, £45

A luxurious and aromatic body cream that envelops your whole body in a sweet and spicy ginger-latte inspired scent. A delicious treat for your wind-down time.

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