Skincare guide

1a. Makeup removing if required
Give your skin a reset with TREATMENT CLEANSING OIL, an oil cleanser that easily removes all makeup including waterproof mascara.

1b. Everyday cleansing
Use after makeup removal or on its own as a daily face wash, choose your favourite from 3 products. TREATMENT FOAM WASH or SMOOTH SCRUB WASH for a foamy wash, or REFRESH CLEANSING LOTION for a quick wipe-off with a cotton pad.

4. SPF: skin protection UV cream 30
Chemical free, beach friendly SPF 30 sunscreen has a subtle pearlescent formula for a translucent, naturally illuminating finish.

Day Routine- Light cleanse, hydrate & protect.
Start the day with SMOOTH SCRUB WASH and its crisp herby scented foam to wash the face. Follow with the CORE BALANCE duo and give a hydrating layer of SPF 50 with SKIN PROTECTION UV GEL 50 for a sunny day out.